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A leading Ads management platform with actionable insights where multiple users could leverage ad monetization to enhance user acquisition and foster business growth



ConsoliAds is a powerful Ads mediation platform designed for mobile apps and games that empowers you to manage your ads seamlessly. With ConsoliAds, you’ll always be in control as you can create your own SDK and manage ads to control account suspensions or restricted ad servings. Create mediation waterfalls using multiple ad unit IDs, and identify the most effective strategies. Experience customized ad units and the freedom to make runtime changes using a single platform!

Complete User Interface

Delivering significant impact with interactive and engaging experiences that wow the users!

Product's Key Features

From slick design that enhances the users’ experience to innovative ad mediation that maximizes your revenue, ConsoliAds is your one-stop shop giving you all the control over your ads

Revenue analytics with control to manage ads without giving app updates

Works for both mobile apps and games

Access to customized ad units

Ability to create mediation waterfalls using multiple ad unit IDs to understand which strategy works best

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