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A Complete Ads Management Platform


ConsoliAds Pte Ltd. is a leading mobile ads management platform that offers unparalleled mobile growth opportunities to monetize and acquire users. The company enables mobile app publishers to earn and boost in-app revenue by serving mobile ads. In addition, it offers actionable insights for complete ads management, allowing you to manage your ads mediation yourself.

To create a platform where multiple users could leverage ad monetization to foster business growth.

A single platform that offers

  • Revenue analytics with control to manage ads without giving app updates.
  • Works for both mobile apps and games.
  • Allows users to use their own ad units or let ConsoliAds handle it for them.
  • Allows users to create their own SDK without any custom development.
  • Allows users to manage their ads to control account suspensions or restricted ad servings.
  • Customer support to help users with better monetization outcomes.
  • Increased user acquisition.
  • Ability to create mediation waterfalls using multiple ad unit IDs to better understand which strategy works the best.
  • Access to customized ad units.
  • Ability to make runtime changes.