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E-Library System

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E-Library System with Livewire and Laravel


United States

An e-library system with the ability to search and browse catalog, issue books, return or receive books, and show a report of books issued to a user.

A web portal where:

  • In the books field:
    • Can view book details from the table.
    • Can issue book.
    • Can search for books.
  • In users filed:
    • Can view user details from the table.
    • Can search for a user.
    • Can receive a book.
    • On clicking receive book, a received book pop-up will show.
  • In the issued books field:
    • Can view issued book details from the table.
    • Can browse the issue books.
    • Can issue a book.
    • On issuing a new book, a pop-up form will show. A new book will be issued by filling in the empty fields in the pop-up form.
    • On clicking the view details, a pop-up will show the details of the books issued to the user.
    • A pop-up form will appear when you receive a new book. Filling in the blank fields in the pop-up form will result in the receipt of a new book.
  • Laravel
  • Livewire
  • MongoDB

Meet Our Team

Ramaq Noor

Project Manager

Ahsan Tahir

Lead Developer

Muhammad Yousaf


Iqra Jahangir

Graphic Designer

Rameez Zahid

Quality Assurance