Appricot IT Consultants

Enterprise Resource Planning Services

Hassle-free day-to-day Business operations and processes Management

A software that helps plan, budget, predict, and report on an organization’s financial results.


Services We Offer

We use Odoo, our collaborator; it lets our customers use required service per business needs; to systematically manage the company’s resources.

SME Requirements

We eliminate manual errors allowing enterprises to improve their services’ efficacy and reduce their costs with SME tools like Odoo from the enterprises.

Mapping with Odoo

We help SMEs by mapping their business requirements and providing the best possible solutions via Odoo.

Optimized Outcomes for the Efficiency

We analyze known gaps or expose unknown ones in the system. Optimization may reveal productivity issues - an enhancement or development can alleviate them.

Human Resource Effectiveness

We enable organizations to replace manual HR methods with Automated processes to handle all aspects of personnel management, from recruitment & onboarding to payroll & attendance.

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