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Formula Car Transporter Truck

Formula Car Transporter Truck

Project Info

An engaging and interactive simulation game


Pentabit Apps believes in creating small yet effective experiences to make users more productive, creative, and socially active. Their applications and games are not only engaging and interactive but offer unique concepts that enhance the user’s overall experience, making it more enjoyable.

To create an engaging and compelling transporter simulation game.

Experience transporting brand new formula cars on a truck, cargo plane, or shipping container. The game allows you to drive, pilot, or captain multiple vehicles like trucks, cargo planes, cargo cars, and a container ship to transport luxury formula vehicles to their destination.

  • Pilot a transport airplane.
  • Drive luxury formula fast cars and perform racing car stunts.
  • Experience the transport trucker life.
  • Captain a cruise cargo ship loaded with expensive and luxury formula cars.
  • Fly cargo planes with matchless powers and speed.
  • Enjoy multiple smooth controls, i.e., button, tilt, and steering.
  • Take full benefit of an eye-catching user interface and HD graphics in this Formula Car Game.
  • You can transport formula cars through a narrow path, a busy street, or a curved bumpy road on a long formula truck.
  • With the Formula Car Transport game, enjoy transporting different dream formula cars.