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Markdown Editor

Markdown Editor

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Markdown Editor in React Using Context APIs and Hooks


United States

Markdown is a lightweight markup language with plain-text-formatting syntax. The markdown files can be saved with a “.md” extension and can also be converted into multiple output formats, including but not limited to HTML. It is a single-page application divided into two sections—one for markdown input and the other for converting input.

  • All the formatting is displayed at runtime side by side, which means if the user types something, its output is displayed at the right side.
  • A toggle button on top lets the users decide whether they want the UI layout in a left-right or top-down fashion.
  • The syntax cheat sheet is given for easy use.
  • React
  • Context API
  • Hooks

Meet Our Team

Ramaq Noor

Project Manager

Ahsan Tahir

Lead Developer

Muhammad Talha Meer


Iqra Jahangir

Graphic Designer

Rameez Zahid

Quality Assurance