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Navigator Group

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A Single Platform to Connect Doctors & Patients While Maintaining their Critical Data.

United Arab Emirates

Navigator Group provides end-to-end recovery services for individuals injured at work or in a vehicle accident. Their services have been developed by medical and psychological experts driven by positive change that supports real people.

A single platform that connecting patients and doctors and maintains a record of the patient’s data.

  • Connecting patients & doctors on one portal was a major challenge for Navigator Group.
  • Selecting the best possible solution that can cater to the patient’s and doctor’s issues & make it easy to use for them was the organization’s main focus.
  • Another major challenge was collecting patient data, especially after the Covid pandemic.
  • Connecting doctors associated with Navigators Group on the same portal.
  • Call requests from their website increased, and the volume was anticipated to grow exponentially. The company needed a solution to overcome this problem.
  • Appricot IT Consultants worked closely with the client to develop a solution using the salesforce health cloud, offering collaborative engagement.
  • Developed the custom app with React Native Framework based on Salesforce.
  • Customer signup based on Salesforce account.
  • Contact and mass survey implementation for customers.
  • Implemented Salesforce Chatter & Care, Management functionality, and dynamic content streaming through Salesforce CMS.