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Image Compressor

Image Compressor

Easily compress, resize, and enhance your photos with our Image Compressor & Photo Resizer app. With user-friendly features that preserve quality, free up space, and extract colors, you’ll love the results

Image Compressor
Image Compressor
About Image Compressor

Image Compressor

An easy-to-use Image Compressor & Photo Resizer that adjusts the resolution and aspect ratio, compresses multiple photos to a specified file size while preserving quality, and frees up storage space with the “Replace” function. In addition, the app maintains the original ratio while adjusting photo size and offers the functionality to convert between different formats. Our built-in Material Design Color palette can extract colors from photos, ultimately giving an enhanced user experience

Complete User Interface

Effective and interactive photo editing experience guaranteed to exceed user expectations

Product's Key Features

From slick design that enhances the users’ experience to robust security that keeps your data safe, here is what makes our product unique, setting it apart from the competition.

Compress multiple photos simultaneously and set custom resolution and aspect ratio

Compresse your photos to a specified file size while retaining the original picture quality

Reclaim the space occupied by photos by using the “Replace” function

Change your photos to different formats, such as JPEG, JPG, PNG, WEBP, etc

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