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Software Quality Improvement without changing your delivery time frame.

Quality Assurance

Test Automation

For time reduction and productivity improvement use of intelligent testing.

Performance Testing

Measuring your software performance under high pressure.

Security Testing

To ensure your data security via stern cyber-security protocols.


We Offer

Manual Testing

A human interaction that is necessary for completing our testing process.

Compatibility Testing

A part of non-functional testing conducted to ensure compatibility with different computing environments.

Dedicated QA Teams

QA specialists test long-term projects focusing on a successful solution to tasks set by the client.

Providing top-notch technical services to ensure that every product meets our client’s business needs. From test automation to dedicated QA teams, we are committed to delivering excellence through our services that help our clients achieve their goals.

The Basic

Testing Process


We understand business requirements, and evaluate testing requirements with tool and technology selection.


We define the scope and resources, ready test cases, and strategize the whole tool installation process and configuration.


We extract the existing code used and compare it with the results found to leverage test case execution.


We as a team analyze every test result, and later summarize every finding to represent it systematically to better understand.


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