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Resume Builder Web App in React Using Redux


United States

A web application that allows users to build a resume for job hunting. The user completes a multi-step form which ultimately leads to the automatic creation of a resume based on a template. The user can go back anytime to the form until the session does not expire. Users can download the created resume in their desired format.

  • A web portal where the user completes a six-steps form to create a resume based on a template automatically.
  • The user can go back or move on to the next page with the help of buttons at the bottom of the forms.
  • The user can move from one form to another by clicking on the numbered titles on the top.
  • The mandatory sections are distinguished by an asterisk.
  • The user can customize the color of the template.
  • After creating a resume, the user can download the resume in the desired format.
  • React
  • Redux
  • Material UI

Meet Our Team

Ramaq Noor

Project Manager

Mudassar Faheem

Lead Developer

Muhammad Talha Meer


Iqra Jahangir

Graphic Designer

Rameez Zahid

Quality Assurance