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Swag Run

play-to-earn 2D NFT game

Project Info

Play-to-Earn 2D NFT game

United Arab Emirates

SWAG Run is a 2D NFT game with a play-to-earn model. In this game, players will participate in a running competition, where they’ll race against each other and AI-controlled characters. The length and complexity of the race will vary depending on the map and the abilities of the players in each round.

To create an engaging and interactive Play to earn NFT game that rewards the users for their efforts and spent time.

  • Game modes: PVE, PVP, Daily Quest, Survival, Clan vs Clan, MMR Tournament.
  • Players will be rewarded with RR (race reward) tokens respectfully to the positions that they have finished in.
  • This in-game currency will allow the player to buy in-game items that will increase the rewards for participating and winning games or swap them for SWC tokens that can be staked on our website.
  • SWAG Run vision is 100% fun while competing in races and earning tokens.
  • Race your Swag Stars (in-game characters) against friends or random players.
  • Earn RR tokens and use them together with SWAG tokens for Swag Stars level up.
  • Collect or Buy in-game: skins, accessories, weapons, animated slipstream, custom K.O. screen, and more!
  • Customize your look to earn greater rewards and coins multiplier.