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E-commerce Store

E-commerce Store

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An E-commerce Store with payment integration


United States

An eCommerce learning platform offering functionalities of a store with a cart and payment features integrated with a payment API to accept payments and a Fake Store API to provide data for e-commerce websites. The platform allows users to accept payments for the products added to their cart in addition to categorically displaying products by fetching data from e-commerce websites.

  • Cart Page
    • Once the product has been added to the cart, the user can increase or decrease the quantity of the product or remove it from the cart.
  • Header
    • The header displays the total items added to the cart. When a user adds a new item to the cart, the count increases accordingly. Similarly, if a user decreases the quantity or removes a product from the cart, the count in the header is managed accordingly.
  • Payment Page
    • A button on the cart page to proceed to checkout, where a suitable payment method is integrated.
  • Payment Successful
    • Once the payment has been made and verified, a successful payment message is displayed on the screen.
  • Empty Cart
    • If a user navigates to the cart page when there are no products in it, then an Empty Cart UI is displayed.
  • Vue.js
  • Fake Store API
  • Stripe API
  • Square AP

Meet Our Team

Ramaq Noor

Project Manager

Ahsan Tahir

Lead Developer

Muhammad Yousaf


Iqra Jahangir

Graphic Designer

Rameez Zahid

Quality Assurance