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E-commerce Store

E-commerce Store

An eCommerce learning platform that offers the full functionality of an online store, including a cart and integrated payment features

E-commerce Store
E-commerce Store
About E-commerce Store

E-commerce Store

A top-of-the-line learning platform featuring a user-friendly cart page where you can easily manage products in your cart. The header displays the total number of items in the cart and updates automatically as products are added or removed. Ready to checkout? Click the button to proceed to the integrated payment page. After payment verification, a successful payment message appears on the screen. Navigating to an empty cart page displays a helpful Empty Cart UI

Complete User Interface

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Product's Key Features

Explore the power and versatility of our product with its key features, designed to revolutionize your learning experience

Manage and keep track of your cart items with ease

Add, remove, or change the quantity of the items in your cart

Checkout smoothly with a secure payment method of your choice

Celebrate your purchase with a confirmation message on the screen

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