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News Portal

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A News Portal With Analytics


United States

A web portal that requests user preferences and interests and then gathers and displays trending information on these topics using Google API. Moreover, it includes a visualization where utilizing which the user can easily follow up on each trending news.

  • A web portal that has three drop-down filters to show news according to date range, location, and category.
  • The user can select multiple locations and categories at a time.
  • The categories include but are not limited to sports, education, entertainment, technology, business, health, and science.
  • The user can click on the news and will be redirected to the source link.
  • The user can follow up on each trending news by clicking on the follow-up button on the news.
  • Google News Search API 
  • React

Meet Our Team

Ramaq Noor

Project Manager

Ahsan Tahir

Lead Developer

Muhammad Talha Meer


Iqra Jahangir

Graphic Designer

Rameez Zahid

Quality Assurance